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Alasdair found a wee

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Alasdair found a wee bit of a typo in a previous entry. Shame fills me. (Not as much shame as about the whole GreyMagic thing, mind. I don’t know who should be shamed in all that, exactly, but there’s something shameful going on.)

Theodore played a great game last night, stealing another one — and the series — for the Canadiens. Joe will be mildly despondent, I’m sure. (Hope Toronto can finish the job tonight.)

I wasted a pile of time over the last few days instrumenting the JS engine’s stack usage. Here’s a tip: don’t instrument “lowest usage at end of stack allocation”, because it’s always zero. Duh.

I hope we can wrestle our money out of the savings account in time to pay taxes. They have a daily limit on transfers to the other, cheque-writable, account, which may cause some consternation. (And where the hell are my remittance forms?)

Odd spacing on that top line, I see now; an interaction with small-caps and links, or something. Ah well, we have bigger bugs to worry about.

Tuesday’s conclusion: tax payment rescued from ING; cat retrieved from vet; GreyMagic bug fix produced by darin; nyi defeated excitingly by tor. Generally goodness. Tomorrow, I have to find a moving company to give me an estimate on a move to San Diego, help Asa trim the RC2 fix list, refill my prescription, call into the mozilla.org staff meeting (I should really update that blurb) and maybe find a good introductory paper on modelling ecologies in software (just simple population/food/predator/prey/migration stuff to start). If any of my thirty-odd loyal readers have tips on moving companies or appropriately-basic ecology modelling papers, please let me knowBlue Cowboys Football Dallas T-shirt Authentic Dri-fit Legend Sideline Logo.

GOBBLES!, and good night.

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